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Stable quality: carry out fine quality control during the whole process

Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control to reduce the expense and benefit customers

Quick delivery: advanced production line and adequate stock to short the delivery time

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Mainly engaged in butterfly valve, check valve, strainer, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, air relief valve, balancing valve, rubber expansion joint and all kinds of pipe fittings, which meet ANSI/AWWA, British Standard, German Standard, Japanese Standard, Australian Standard, African Standard and various special requirements.

   History and Achievement  
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Urgent Notice >>
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In 2012, Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant got American FM Approval >>
 Classic Products
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Weilong Valve Co., Ltd. which produces valves and pipe fittings and other fluid system products, more than 95% of total exports. Present more than 100 kinds of series of more than 2000 products, mainly produces valve, check valve, filter, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, exhaust valve..
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